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Gigi's Custom Cards
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My wife, Genita, creates and sells Custom Cards by GiGi. Each card is fashioned differently and made with the customer in mind. Human hands and not a machine create them all. Custom Cards by GiGi are kept longer and appreciated much more than those found in regular retail stores. Custom Cards by GiGi are actually 'gift cards'. In other words they are special cards that are gifts from the heart. More often they look and speak to what the giver truly wants to convey. Plus, they are far more valued than regular greeting cards, gift cards, money, or other material gifts.
Genita Anderson
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Custom Cards
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(972) 523-9670
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Alpha Iota Iota Chapter, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. | PO Box 795293 | Dallas, Texas 75379

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