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AII Line History

Summer '92
Anthony Peacock

Spring '93
Sean Phillips
Wendell Woods

Spring '94 “Fourteen Dreams Fulfilled”
Gary Haskett
Dennis Crosby
Rick Stevens
James Blackshire

Kenneth Gilbert
Ryan Pullin
Byron Jackson
Darrell Augustus
Freddie Nichols Jr
Steve Roaf
Curtis Owens
Cleriona (Bud) Morgan Jr.
Darrell Guy
Walter Smith IV

Fall '94 “Ten Souls of Turmoil”
Anthony Carter
Jarvis Redmond
Eric Hall
Randy Williams
Daniel Morgan
Kevin Josey
Earl Simpkins Jr
Emilio Henry
Fred Copeland
Anthony Stevens

Spring '95
Marcus Nelson
James Whitaker
Bernard Brown

Spring '96 “Four the Hard Way”
Alonzo Green
Eddie Henderson
Julius Chambers
Tony Ned Jr.

Fall '97 “Two Souls Searching”
Kenneth Hicks
Darrell Johnson

Fall '98 “The Fifth Element”
Kevin Ball
Stephen Davis Sr.
Wilbert Domino Sr.
Edgar Green
Eric Peters

Spring '01 “The Six Essential Souls of Omega”
Demetriat Mack
Eric Griffin
Lionel Cummings
Kennedy Bruce
Jonathan McDonald
Phillip Jones

Fall '02 “Three Degrees of Difference”
Michael Price
Ken Burrow

Spring '05 “Three Sacred Souls of Cerbeus”
Edwin Jones Sr.
John Davis II
Greg Lewis

 Fall '06 “Three Sons of Quefusion”
T.J. Riley Jr.
Carlos Haralson
Alfred Ernest

Spring '09 “Two is Enough”
David McKeever Jr.
Eric Elliott

Spring '10 “Two Men In A Mid Que Crisis”
William Bradfield
Darryl Amos

Fall '11 “Keepers Of The Cards Protectors Of The Flame”
Will Tolen
Carlton Young
Reggie Winners
Rod Delph

Spring '13 “1 Man 1 Creed”
Sean Gregory

Spring '15 "5 Souls of Transformation"
Khris Latson
Greg Williams
Thomas Mitchell
Jamile Owens
Miguel Price

Spring '16 "6 Brave Soldiers of Perseverance"
Joshua Harrell
Robert Hamilton
Jawaad Williams
Lloyd Samuel
Lee Merritt
Rickie Hill

Chris Simmons
Vincent Joseph
Kirk Thor
Robert Bell
Russell Williamson

Spring '20 "The ANTIDOTE"

Tim Gardner

Donyea Hamilton

Deandre Collins

Dorone Edwards

Jordan Burton

Spring '22 "3 Judges of Obsidian"

Anthony Sims

Rodney Weary

Shirod Frasier Lewis

Spring '23 “8 Souls of Pierian Spring”

Darrell Augustus ll

Gerald Thomas

Shaun Philips

Otis Kinloch

Marcus Brooks

Mutah Wells

James Talley

Willie Love

Spring '24 "TRIED AND TRUE"

Lavondre Nelson

Kadim Sherill

Chris DeGrate

Devin Jenkins

Horace Payne

Tariq Sharpe

Johnathan Taylor

Members Versus Men
by Bro. Walter H. Mazyck

The Greek Letter Societies among our group appear to have
entered upon a period of mad competition for obtaining
members. Pledges are increasing in number. Scarcely a student
on the college campus but wears a pledge pin or a frat pin. Are
the fraternities forgetting their original high standards? Can it
be said that every man who enters college is of Fraternity
material? If in any place, Omega has entered this mad race for
members, pause and consider.

"The value of our Fraternity is not in numbers, but in
men, in real brotherhood. Eight men thoroughly
immersed in the true Omega spirit are far greater
assets than eighty with lukewarm enthusiasm."  



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